Honduras Caballero, Marcala


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Honduras Caballero är ett lent fylligt mellanrostat kaffe med söta toner av hasselnöt och mjölkchoklad.

Washed – Catuai – 1600m

The Caballero coffees are named after Marysabel Caballero, even though it is actually both Marysabel and her husband, Moises Herrera, who create these beautiful coffees. Moises always says lovingly that it is Marysabel who is the star. It is no surprise when you meet Marysabel, she is warm and charming and together they are some of the most genuine and lovely people I have ever met.

The family have many small to medium farms located in Marcala, south east in Honduras. They are all in the surroundings of their beneficio (wet mill) Xinacla. It’s a central mill where they deliver cherries from each farm and process the coffees. They usually keep each farm’s production separate but when the volume is too small from the day’s pickings, they can also combine pickings from different farms. We call these blends “Caballero”, without an additional name on our offer list.The quality can easily compete with the coffees from a single block or farm, but it is blended to create slightly bigger lots.

Marysabel and Moises are very focused on sustainable practices in farming and milling. They have been extremely successful producing quality coffees and have contributed to the improving reputation of Honduran quality coffees. Everything they do on the farms is documented, and they invest considerable time and resources both in new equipment and planting of new coffee varieties in order to improve the quality of the coffee.

This lot in particular, comes from El Campo. This farm was started in 2004 and sits at 1600 masl.

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